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It’s not quite the Russian winter, but it has gotten cold in Baku this week.  No better time to head off for a few days in Doha, Qatar with temperatures this time of year in the mid-80s!  As reported earlier by the VFB, I first contacted the BBC producers of Doha Debates in late summer, told them about the Azerbaijan Diplomatic Academy and plans for the new Majlis, and they, in turn, invited us to come down and watch their preparations, rehearsal, and next taping Tuesday evening.  The debate will air on BBC World television beginning November 1st.  Even more exciting is the flurry of diplomatic exchanges that has resulted.  

Ridiculously large map!!!

Ridiculously large map!!!

The Qatar Foundation, which created Doha Debates, actively is promoting the debate concept in the Arab world, something the ADA is anxious to do in Azerbaijan.  Qatar now wants to send representatives to Baku in December, and the ADA will take the lead in fielding a team to compete in the World Debating Championships in Qatar in 2010.  Khazar, our moderator, Fariz, the director of ADA’s Advanced Foreign Service Program, leave Saturday morning, and I look forward to blogging, poolside! 

We’re keeping our fingers crossed but we may have found the location to tape the first ADA Majlis.  As the VFB reported, the permanent site won’t be ready by our mid-November target date.  

But on Friday, we’ll meet with the owner of the Mugam Club in Baku’s Old City.  It looks like perfect!

I turned on the television before work this morning and was pleasantly surprised to see a live broadcast of the World Series, complete with Russian play-by-play announcers.  The only words I understood were “Strike Out!”


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