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Rock the Vote!!!

Wednesday is Election Day here in Azerbaijan. The only uncertainty is whether I’ll bother to wake up at 5am to watch the Red Sox – Rays online.  It’s a national holiday, so I always can go back to sleep!

President Ilhaim Aliyev will coast to a second, and constitutionally last term in office.  There are six opposition party candidates, and not expected to total more than 10% of the vote combined.  A Republican in the District of Columbia has a better chance of being elected mayor.  However, Azerbaijan is tarnished with a history of corrupt election charges since reforming as a republic in 1993. And so, there will be international election monitors scattered throughout the country tomorrow.  But this presidential campaign barely registered with voters.  The only reminders have been the Aliyev campaign posters in every other store window downtown.  Should the Azerbaijan Constitution remain intact, Ilham’s last five years in office will end the 20 year Aliyev family dynasty.  Heydar, Ilham’s father, ruled as president for the first ten.


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