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Did you know…

…that thanks to beaucoup buckets of oil and natural gas, Azerbaijan has had the world’s fastest growing economy the last two years!?!  And that it’s expected to jump another 22% this year!?!  Sure, I reported, yesterday, that public television here is flush with money, but carpeting the street with…carpets!?!?!

Vahid, our Turkish architect, today assured us that the new ADA facilities will be ready early November, so we’ve set the date!  Thursday, November 13th, will be the first broadcast of ADA Majlis!  .

Anway, Majlis is an ancient Persian term that means “place for sitting,” and it’s been suggested that our new program ought to reflect that ancient custom.  So Gunay took me down to the Old City, site of Baku’s #1 historic site, the Maiden’s Tower, to pick up some set design ideas.  I think we’ll start with silk carpets!

Thursday, I’ve been invited back to the public television station to watch the debate among 8 more presidential candidates.  I heard there’s a chance the rest of you might have to make other plans for Friday night.


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