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I‘ll be home in three weeks but, just this week alone, I missed Vanessa’s last high school soccer game, Halloween, and the climax of the fall foliage season.  However, Roberta is here, and I can’t remember a more spectacular day in Baku since I arrived!  This morning, we went to the Old City, and climbed to the top of Maiden’s Tower, Baku’s most popular tourist site.  According to Baku legend, the 115-foot tower was built by the ruler of the Shirvan dynasty in the 6th or 7th century at the request of his daughter whom he wanted to marry. Once completed, the princess climbed to the top and jumped to her death in the Caspian Sea.  Today, however, Roberta and I simply enjoyed the view.

This afternoon, Roberta was the guest at a luncheon of the new Azerbaijan Women’s Diplomatic Club.  Several of the women will be heading to embassy posts in other countries. 

Program note:  The Doha Debates on BBC World News (all times Eastern.\

Saturday, November 1: 11:10am, 4:10pm, and 8:10pm

Sunday, November 2: 7:10am, 12:10pm, and 3:10pm.

The 87%-13% vote against John McCain at the debate we attended this week was the largest margin ever recorded during the program’s 5-year history.

Meanwhile, our first taping of ADA Majlis is tentatively scheduled for November 14 to air two days later. The focus will be the Baku Energy Summit involving representatives from 15 nations.  There is so much sill to do, including issuing invitations to the presidents of Poland, Ukraine, Lithuania, Georgia, and Turkey, as well as other participants, coordinating a similar energy debate to be recorded in Washington and inserted in our program, researching questions about oil, gas, pipeline, and other geopolitical issues, purchasing couches and tables for our set, technical rehearsals with the crew from ITV, and studio rehearsals with Khazar who never has hosted a television program.  I’ll keep you posted.


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Did you know…

…that thanks to beaucoup buckets of oil and natural gas, Azerbaijan has had the world’s fastest growing economy the last two years!?!  And that it’s expected to jump another 22% this year!?!  Sure, I reported, yesterday, that public television here is flush with money, but carpeting the street with…carpets!?!?!

Vahid, our Turkish architect, today assured us that the new ADA facilities will be ready early November, so we’ve set the date!  Thursday, November 13th, will be the first broadcast of ADA Majlis!  .

Anway, Majlis is an ancient Persian term that means “place for sitting,” and it’s been suggested that our new program ought to reflect that ancient custom.  So Gunay took me down to the Old City, site of Baku’s #1 historic site, the Maiden’s Tower, to pick up some set design ideas.  I think we’ll start with silk carpets!

Thursday, I’ve been invited back to the public television station to watch the debate among 8 more presidential candidates.  I heard there’s a chance the rest of you might have to make other plans for Friday night.

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