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Wednesday, 9:30am:  I‘m driven to Villa Petrolea, headquarters of British Petroleum, Azerbaijan’s primary oil partner, to meet with company VP Seymour Khalilov.  He agrees to participate at Saturday night’s premier taping at the historic Ismailiyya building where we’ll discuss developments from this week’s multi-national energy summit here in Baku.  Elshad Nassirov, VP of SOCAR, the State Oil Company of Azerbaijan Republic has agreed as well.

Wednesday, 12:30pm:  The issue of set furniture for our one-time location is settled as we find someone willing to lend us what we need.  We select two European classically-designed couches, matching chairs, coffee tables, rugs, schedule the Saturday delivery, and are back at the ADA.  

Wednesday, 2:30pm:  We are on our way for a meeting with Natiq Aliyev, Azerbaijan’s Minister of Energy at Government House, Dom Soviet, built by German POWs during World War ll to specific designs ordered by Stalin.  Aliyev, sharply dressed, and looking a lot like George Segal, greets us warmly, even though he’s deep into planning Thursday’s key, 15-nation energy ministers meeting at the Hyatt Regency Hotel which will set the agenda for Friday’s presidential summit.government-house In his spacious, recently-refurbished office with unobstructed view of the Caspian Sea, Aliyev helps us select a half dozen ministers who Aliyev will “encourage” to participate in our taped roundtable discussion immediately following their meeting.  Poland, Greece, Georgia, Ukraine, Lithuania, and USA all will be there.  Aliyev, representing Azerbaijan, as well.  It will become the first 20 minutes of Saturday’s premier. And then we have tea.


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