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There was as much good news today as there was bad.  Our broadcast “partners” from ITV, the national public television network, met us at the future site of ADA Majlis, and have me convinced they’ve got the technical abilities to make this work.  However, three weeks away from the target date of our first taping, November 13, and the site doesn’t look much different than it did three weeks ago.  In fact, later in the day, our architect admitted the site probably will not be ready.  The furniture, alone, won’t arrive from Italy until November 15th.

From there, Khazar, our ADA Majlis host-in-waiting, Ambassador Pashayev and I met with Foreign Minister Elmar Mamedyarov, who we had hoped would be our first Majlis guest.

Foreign Minister Mammadyarov

Foreign Minister Mamadyarov

We had a lot of fun talking about the US presidential elections, the chosen topic of our first program, and the minister seemed receptive to our request.  However, he said he couldn’t possibly participate on November 13 because the Azerbaijan government will host a major “energy summit” in Baku that week involving the presidents of Georgia, Turkey, Ukraine, Poland, Lithuania, ten countries in all, as well representatives from the United States, and dozens of foreign journalists and energy analysts.

And that was the point when the day all fell together!

We, instantly, decided that would be the focus of our first program – debate over Caspian Sea oil and gas, competing pipelines through Russia and Turkey, Europe’s increasing reliance on the region for energy.  What a showcase for Baku, and what an opportunity for Majlis.  Certainly, there will be plenty of participants to invite onto our program.  We’re aiming for a roundtable discussion with several presidents.  That would be impossible to do in the United States, but everyone tells me the rules are different here.  We’ll see.  All we need to do now is find a space near the site of the summit in downtown Baku, and turn it into a Majlis for an evening.  


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